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XTec Gen is an independent materials testing laboratory offering a range of testing services to industry. XTec Gen specialises in materials testing across Waterproofing, Tiling Systems, Sealants, Paint, Textiles, Packaging, Materials Analysis and Compatibility Testing.

NATA Accredited Laboratory

XTec Gen is NATA accredited for testing to:

Services we offer

Construction Materials

Construction Materials: Specialising in construction material testing, including: Waterproofing membranes; Tiling Systems; Sealants; Textured Coatings; Repair materials/compounds; Priming and Paint systems.

Failure Analysis

Determine where a product is failing or not meeting desired performance levels.

Weathering, UV and Temperature Exposure

Capability to test materials in a variety of weather conditions, UV chambers, freezing conditions, heat ageing and humidity levels.

Chemical exposure

Assessing the impact of chemicals on materials over specified time periods.

Textiles and Fabrics

Determining the tensile strength, tear strength, puncture resistance, and elongation of materials in standard control conditions or after exposure.

Packaging Testing

Packaging testing of packaging integrity, vapour barrier properties and strength under stress.

Compatibility Testing

Determining compatibility of products when used in a construction system.

  • Adhesion of primers, coatings and membranes to general or specialist substrates
  • Adhesion of tile adhesives on membrane systems.
  • Primer compatibility to applied toppings
  • Top coating capability to membranes, abrasion resistance and trafficability.

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Industries we serve

  • Construction Testing

  • Textiles and Fabrics
    Plastic & Polymer

  • Textile and Plastic Testing

  • Packaging Testing - XTecGen

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