Waterproofing Testing

NATA Accredited specialists in the testing of liquid and sheet waterproof membranes, with full range of testing capabilities for internal and external wet areas. Specialists in compatibility testing of waterproofing systems used in conjunction with tile adhesives.

Industry leaders in determining waterproof membrane parameters, capabilities, and limitations. With an experienced laboratory team and audited facilities, XTecGen provides customised services that scopes a robust testing regime to support the pursuit of optimum product performance.

AS/NZS 4858: Internal Wet Areas (Liquid and Sheet Membranes)
Internal Waterproofing
AS 4654.1 External Wet Areas (Liquid and Sheet Membranes)
AS ISO 13007.5 Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes For Use
Beneath Ceramic Tile Bonded With Adhesives
AS 13007.6 Bonded Sheet Waterproofing Membranes That Are Used
Beneath Ceramic Tiling Bonded With Adhesives
Compatibility Testing
Customised Testing
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